Supplement Companies Are Ripping You Off

Supplement Companies are known for selling products that are way over priced for what ingredients are in the product. They will often take advantage of customers who are uninformed and mislead. This causes many people to give up and quit in the gym because they are not seeing the "gains" they thought they would. The problem is not the customer being uninformed. The problem is the companies selling these products. That is exactly why we wanted to get in the supplement industry. We were tired of getting ripped off! So, we did something about it. We made two of the most advanced pre-workouts on the market. Brutal Beast and Enchanted Beauty are all in one pre-workouts. What does this mean? We put the correct dosages and didn't cut corners. You should never take a pre workout with only 8 grams of ingredients again. To get all of the required nutrients we had to fill both of our pre-workouts with a combined total of 52 grams! That's more than 2 and a half average sized protein scoops! We want to change the supplement industry into a honest and trustworthy industry where consumers can be sure that they are purchasing the highest quality products possible. With your help we will expand our product line and change the game! Unleash Your alpha!